Mass Extinction and Climate Change

The Earth’s climate is changing and we will, unfortunately, witness some environmental tragedies in our lifetime. One of them is the extinction of various animal species. Today we will discuss one grim prognosis that predicts mass extinction by looking at the past to find answers for the future. How the Current Climate Change Affects Life […]

Climate Change and Charitable Organizations

By now, most people in the United States agree that climate change is real, and many also agree that it is a man-made product. It’s estimated that the average temperature on Earth is getting higher by 0.6 degrees Celsius every year, and the recent unprecedented heatwaves in countries like the UK are only highlighting the […]

The European Heatwaves: What They Mean

Even if you don’t live in the Old Continent, you must have by now heard of the worrisome heatwaves that are experienced all over Europe. Temperatures rising above 40 degrees Celsius in places where air conditioning was not needed until now, speak of a broader trend that has dangerous implications. We will discuss the countries […]

Welcome to This Climate Change Blog

Hello and welcome to all our readers! While we are excited to start our journey with you, we remain saddened at the state of our planet, our home. This blog will bring light to some of the most important issues that we face today, those related to climate change. We believe that positive change begins […]